Inside OutHere is a Pixar movie that I down loaded onto my phone for my kids to watch when we travel or wait. “Inside Out” came out in 2015 and my kids love to watch it. The story line goes as follows:  Riley is an eleven year old girl from Minnesota. She plays hockey and has many friends . She  enjoys her life.

The  problem is that her father is starting a new business and the family must move to San Francisco.  Riley has a lot of emotional issues adjusting to her new environment.

The twist to the movie is that Riley and her problems are only a subplot. The real story is that her life is being seen from inside of her head, and her emotions are all characters with their own motivations and stories. It is as though Riley’s emotions are puppeteers controlling her.

It is a very cute and entertaining movie and my kids absolutely love it. My only issue with the movie is that  one of my main objectives as a parent is to teach my children that they are in charge , not their emotions.

I was 50 years old before I learned that I am not my emotions. I am not my thoughts, nor my desires, nor my deep and darkest fears. There is a part of me that is witnessing these things. There is an identity inside of me that watches me experience feelings and thoughts, and that is the real me. That is my real identity. My emotions and thoughts can be influenced by my environment but the real me is internally validated. The more I am aware of the real me the more control I have over my thoughts and emotions, and thereby over my actions.  Your actions are by far the strongest variable in a humans quest for success. Whatever it is that you want to gain, or experience, or become; this is your pursuit of success. Your success will be determined by your actions. Your actions are determined by your level of control over your thoughts and emotions. Your chosen belief system should force you to take direct and focused action towards accomplishing your goals. If  it does anything else it is just a theoretical mind maze

I realize that that is a huge takeaway from a animated pixar movie. My kids have no desire to control their emotions. It is much easier for them to throw a tantrum or to hit back, just like every other child. That is why being a good parent is so difficult, and important. It is my job and duty to teach them about the world , and about themselves. It will take years and dedication but  I will do my best to teach them to become adults. I fear that is becoming something of a scarcity in our society.

I started by asking them who is in control, themselves or their emotions. After a few seconds they told me that they were. How I wish someone had asked me that question when I was a child! The truth is that children love to learn, and if you ask them questions that make them think in a way that resembles solving a puzzle; they will respond well, at least my kids do.

After that we had a back and forth discussion about how the movie did not mirror reality.


In closing , I and my children were entertained by the movie “Inside Out” . It is  another pixar smash hit. That being said , I think that all parents should talk with their children about the movies that they watch. Remember , tv and movies program our kids.  Maybe we should too!

DVD to iPhone is a blog about the many things I load on my Iphone.  I have three children under the age of ten, so many of my uploads are from movies on dvd; hence the name of the blog. I am also a self improvement junkie, so a lot of the stuff I upload is motivational in nature. I will be talking about both topics in this blog.

I suppose some back story is appropriate here. In May of 2014 my wife told me that she was ending our marriage of 9 years. We had three children under 8 years old. To say I took it badly would be a huge understatement; I was devastated. The following year was the most difficult of my life.  I was tormenting myself on a continuous basis; the pain was unbearable. So began my journey of self discovery, a voracious pursuit of self improvement.

That was how I found out my first rule of personal growth: it all starts with pain. I believe that humans will not initially look for a way to improve their lot, or their lives, unless they are feeling enough pain. It makes sense I guess; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

It was at this time of extreme pain that I became acquainted with the works of a man named Ken Wilber. Ken WIlber

I had recently gotten an e-mail address (I told you I was stuck in the 80’s) and I had joined some mailing lists.  I had no idea how affiliate marketing worked, so when several people in same genre of marketing recommended that I buy the super Human Operating System by Ken Wilber I saw it as divine intervention. It cost 500 dollars that I didn’t have but I felt that I had nothing to lose. Boy am I glad that I took that small risk. The super human operating system changed the way I see the world, and myself.

It didn’t happen all at once of course, but slowly over time and with a lot of honest self-evaluation and meditation I began to see how under developed I was as a person. I really applied myself. I listened to this system over and over until I fully understood it. I consider this system to be the basis for understanding of myself. I have since studied many different systems and books but this is the system that truly started me growing again. I am grateful for the super human os. I strongly anyone who wants to grow as a person to check it out.

I told myself that I would go through the course every year to keep the principles in my mind.  I need to do that starting now. I will be updating this blog with new revelations about the system, I’m sure.

Just to show the power of this course had in my life. I went from a rather mediocre  job of twenty years to owning my own business within a year and a half.  I simply was not the same person after internalizing Ken’s teachings. My relationships are much, much better now. Especially the one with myself.  It wasn’t easy.  It took a lot of hard work on my part , there is no magic pill here.  The point is that I never would have found the strength and vision to persevere when things got difficult. It’s like I didn’t know myself before the course.

I tagged a youtube video with Ken in it. He is describing the integral system. Which is part of the super human os.  Youtube button at the top of the page.  Check it out!  I’ll be updating this post on this topic so come and visit again.

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